Executive Presence

From boardrooms to auditoriums and conference calls, we help leadership build executive presence to command the space, engage audiences and develop genuine ways to communicate and inspire.


Our Executive Presence Workshop is a modular structure that allows the workshop to be run effectively in parts.It aims at enabling participants to create impactful content, hone their assets and find their authentic style
Create Powerful Stories
An effective leader knows how to leverage a story for its maximum value and power. Understanding plot structures by identifying key elements that define the journey and the final outcome of the story.
Physical presence, Voice & Speech
These are the tools that storytellers use. In this module we practice a host of verbal communication skills like training the voice, improving diction and clarity to engage the listener. We then integrate the larger potential of presence through body language. Identifying default mechanisms, habitual gestures and tension areas, we build a vocabulary of energy that each individual can tap into for creating a more powerful delivery
Space, Audience & Style
How do we make the difference between just simply delivering an idea and creating impact with the information we provide? Genuinely connecting to your story, adapting to the listener, and being able to take bold risks sets storytellers apart from boring speakers.This is some text inside of a div block.


Leaders today are an extension of a company’s corporate identity or brand. They don’t just carry their presence but that of an entire body – “The Company”. In an increasingly diverse world, executive presence will look very different from one executive to another. However, the constant factor is building the confidence of others so that they can inspire confidence within and outside of the organisation.

This coaching intervention aims at bringing permanent positive change in participants ability to communicate effectively across diverse situations and audiences. We work with the actors tool box using multiple techniques to increase their impact and influence.
Month 1
Individual Assessment, L&D Plan & Executive Presence Overview
Month 2-6
Skill Building Sessions on Identified Areas
Month 6-8
Audience Connect, Application & Feedback Sessions