Effective Conversations

Conversations form the bedrock of building an open & engaging culture. They are the essence of how we connect, learn, share, inspire & deliver results.


Managers need to continuously engage with their teams through the year, from aligning responsibilities and efforts to the larger picture, to supporting them in their own development through specific feedback.

The Effective Conversations workshop is a safe & deep practice space where managers dive into specific conversations through scripted role play scenarios. In a short period of time, managers operate at the very edge of their ability, making mistakes and correcting them through observation and practice, guided by theory.

Our model and case studies are built ground up from deep observation of the organisational culture and performance.
Unlike most bite-sized courses our skills capsules are tailored to the client. We work together to develop scenarios that are nuanced and complex and resonate with the employees, ensuring minimal time in the training room but maximizing impact and long lasting change.
Managers work in groups of four in a skills capsule led by one of our actor facilitators. They take turns to work through the scenarios, with the facilitator taking the part of the team member, and tailoring the challenge level to the individual.
The capsule is designed to allow for self reflection, observer and facilitator feedback leading to swift changes..
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