Work is evolving at a rapid pace today. Awareness, understanding and expression of what we stand for and how we work is the glue that binds people together.

Focus Areas

Values are an important context within any space. It is more like the foundation on which we build work.

Companies are recognised not just by the work they do but also by the people who represent it. Hence, it is very important for its people to identify and latch on to its set of values.

We work with organisations to spread awareness and build understanding of their values.
Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity is about the makeup of your organisation; differences in demographics, working style, skills and more.

Inclusion relates to how you leverage the diversity you have to positively affect and achieve your organizational and business goals.

We use drama techniques to explore complex issues, in a safe, fictional context where employees can feel comfortable and supported to explore and debate.
Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment at work means unwelcome or uninvited behaviours of a sexual nature, which are offensive, embarrassing, intimidating and affect an employee’s work performance, health, career or livelihood.

One major problem in dealing with sexual harassment is related to perception. For example, men and women tend to differ in what they perceive to be sexual harassment.

We bring to light the various perceptions that can exist and help delegates understand harassment policies of the organisations.


We will create an interactive start-stop theatre performance that will explore the issue and its various dimensions.
Research and Design
Individual Assessment, L&D Plan & Executive Presence Overview
Writing and Direction
The writer/director will work on a story and performance under specific guidelines.
Delivery and Facilitation
Interactive performances across the organisation where the audience navigates through the story and role plays characters at critical junctures. This whole session is facilitated by a team of actor facilitators