Business Storytelling

Great stories like good movies are engaging and effective because they activate the listener’s imagination. Today, leaders have to be great storytellers to inspire thought and fuel action.


This 4 module workshop provides tools and insights to articulate an idea, make an emotional connect, and groom each participant’s own unique storytelling abilities. The journey moves from storytelling to story-doing – the first steps towards pushing for change, innovation, staying ahead of the game and thinking different.
Story Structure
Learn to use metaphors and stories to engage attention, inspire action and be a more persuasive leader, salesperson or speaker.
Creating Stories
Dive further into what goes into creating a story and work with the finer details.
Story Telling
We shift focus to the performance of the story and in this module work on the various tools like body and voice
Audience Connect
Practise telling stories to inspire and create impact. Explore the various elements that connect us and our stories to our audiences.


Do you have an important speech you want to deliver impact-fully?
Do you want to create dramatic improvement in your speeches and presentations?
Do you want to be a great speaker?

Take your presentation skills to the next level.

Our speaking coach helps you release your power and potential as a speaker.

This coaching intervention aims at bringing permanent positive change in participants ability to create and tell great stories. We work with the actors tool box, using multiple techniques to increase their impact and influence.

The coaching will be tailored to your requirement and will allow you to stretch and grow in a safe environment with positive feedback and constructive criticism.

The coaching will include step by step process to build and deliver a powerful presentation that gets results. It will transform your ability to speak and present.
Focus Areas
- Design a great speech or presentation
- Influence and inspire people
- Keynote speech development
- Collaborative speech writing
- Story development
- Choosing, Crafting and delivering the story