Management by Arts is an innovative learning and development platform that delivers executive training programs using arts-based learning, creativity and innovation.

The world is made of circles and we think in straight lines

 – Peter M. Senge

The digital economy is constantly challenging businesses to reinvent themselves in order to survive. Being a leader in these times requires the ability to creatively cope with and thrive in a complex and fast changing environment. Traditional approaches to problem solving are becoming increasingly insufficient in helping create truly valuable and sustainable business.

Organisational leadership must develop the skills and mindset to rapidly envision future scenarios, cultivate creativity, drive action and create engagement to effectively navigate uncertainty.

Our approach of working with art based tools and techniques creates managerial learning that facilitates awareness, understanding, skilling and a renewal of the individual and the organisation to excel in the face of disruptive forces.

The Clients

Sony Music
Liberty Videocon

DDB Mudra
Tata Consultancy Services
Pitney Bowes
AT Foods
International Paper